People online (AOL) who say they're Billy Corgan

These are basically people who come/used to come online and pretend to be Billy. Most of these are definitely fake, but some of them I don't know. Considering that Billy has said he's afraid of the internet, though, I also doubt the others are him. If there are others I don't have up here, please tell me!!! Thanks =c)

Click on their SN to get info like their profile (if they have one), etc. This is in no particular order as of now, but it should be in chronological order pretty soon.

1. Illusiona2
2. SadAnomaly
3. TornDivine
4. Hexedlove
5. WCBurn
6. OxyuO
9. CorganBily
10. Smashing
11. (screen name unknown)
12. ShamedSoul
13. Igthorn
14. XPlutoboyX
15. SorrowEyes
16. SorrowSoul
17. Methusela2
18. MacPhisto1
19. MacPhisto2
20. Xaxelonia
21. BrazzleG
22. Junkie See
23. SubZer0817

NOTE: The only one up so far is Illusiona2, so keep checking back later, and i'll have them up!

"The Secret Diary of Billy Corgan" I didn't know where else to put this...It has been floating around the internet for quite awhile now...It's obviously fake and kinda of dumb, but it's pretty funny, so take a look at it.